True Psychic Readings: How Can I Be Sure I’m Getting a Qualified Psychic?

by Melissa Stevens on November 19, 2013

If you’re considering a psychic reading and you want to make sure you’re getting someone who’s not just going through the motions, you might be wondering about ways you can tell a qualified psychic from someone who’s only interested in money. With so many psychics around who are not really using their intuition or ability, here’s how you can tell if someone is providing true psychic readings.

Are They Honest and Straightforward?

While you might be immediately impressed if a psychic is friendly and you like all of the things that they tell you, a true psychic will give you answers using their intuition whether or not those answers are what you want to hear. A psychic who is less than qualified may give you the positive answers you’re hoping for so that you will come back again and spend more money, but someone who is credible will not mind telling you things you don’t want to hear because it’s what they see in your life. If they make false promises to you and tell you that happiness and love are close at hand, it’s a sure sign that they’re only trying to get in your good graces for repeat business.

Are They Really Reading You?

You may think that a genuine psychic will need to ask a lot of questions about you so that they can ascertain information about your personality and thereby provide you with a more accurate reading, but this is not necessarily the case. A real psychic should not need to ask you a lot of questions, as they should be able to read your aura and trust their intuition to pick up things about you. While it may take them a few minutes to feel your energy, as soon as they speak you can be assured that it will be an intuitive reading based on who you are. A psychic who is not qualified will ask you a lot of questions to manipulate answers out of you, presenting them back to you like they are revealing something even if they did not really intuit anything for their reading.

Are the Website Reviews Trustworthy?

A good way to be able to tell if a psychic is legitimate is by visiting their website. You may get a vibe right away dependent upon what the page looks like, but the area you’ll really want to focus on will be the psychic reviews. It might seem good if there are only positive reviews, but this can be a sign that they have filled in reviews themselves or even had friends and family make up false reviews. As a qualified psychic will always give the answers as they see them, this means that the things they say will not always make people happy. If there is a broad mix of reviews, with some good and a few not so good, this can be a sign of a psychic who is not as worried about projecting a positive image since their readings are based on honesty and their reading capabilities. If a psychic is only out for money, they will want to present themselves in the most positive light to garner easy business.

With so many psychics our there who just want to make money, it’s not always easy to find a true psychic reading, but there are ways to tell if someone’s qualified or not. While it’s easy to be disarmed by someone who tells you exactly what you want to hear, a true psychic will always give you the answers as they see them derived from their intuitive abilities.

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